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  1. Energy efficiency investigation of buildings according to article 16 from Energy Efficiency Law.
  2. Certification of buildings for energy efficiency according to article 17 from Energy Efficiency Law.
  3. Certification for project energy performance of new buildings before being put into service according to Article 15а from Energy Efficiency Law.
  4. Check the energy efficiency of heating systems with boilers in buildings for public service according to Article 27 from Energy Efficiency Law.
  5. Check the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems in buildings for public service according to Article 28 from Energy Efficiency Law.
  6. Assessment of energy savings in buildings after the implementation of energy saving measures according to Article 52 from Energy Efficiency Law.
  7. Тhe reports for the evaluation of the match for the energy efficiency of the investment projects in the phase technically and the work project by article 142, paragraph 9 and article 169, paragraph 1, point 6 from Law Of Structure Of Areas.

Energy Efficiency

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